Technical equipment
Technical equipment

In response to the requirements of international customers,
we use German high-precision DMG five-axis processing machine,
mill-turn machines, turn-mill machines, and other models, to accomplish high-precision
and high-efficiency processing mode.
It also can be combined with traditional three-axis and vertical lathes to reduce production bottlenecks,
eliminate the waste of man-hours caused by changing the lines or fixtures,
complete and sufficient production equipment can fully meet the different requirements of customers.
In response to the advanced five-axis process, we use Germany's preferred CAD / CAM software-hyperMILL, to digitally simulate, pre-plan models, replacing traditional handwriting programs, performing R&D, and manufacturing, effectively improve product development efficiency and manufacturing digitalization.
From machining to special processes can be led by our professional team, achieving customer product requirements.

Equipment Introduction




Special Process

IT System

IT system is an indispensable tool for modern companies already, therefore, we pay more attention to information security and system maintenance. Through a dedicated host computer room and regular remote backup, to ensure that all information of ours can be kept safely and securely. Dedicated information security staff can prevent system information from being maliciously attacked or stolen data from outside. We strictly abide by the customer's AAM agreement and make sure information access has a certain control and process. Through the establishment of IT system, the retrospective data of the products produced in our company is securely stored in the system. The knowledge management for the new products after development will be saved in the internal knowledge platform methodically, to provide customers safer and faster development of KNOW-HOW.

Standard Operation Procedure

Make simplify complex work through the function of the organization, only execute all projects according to the operation procedure can be completed successfully.
And let each colleague have work instruction to follow, each product and project can be "homogenized".
"Process + From = System" is an important awareness of the organizational management in our company and the process control will lead to the success or failure of the result.
Only the process is the main factor that determines the final result.

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